Irish Sport Horse Registration - Colts 3 and Over

If you have an Irish Sport Horse colt that you wish to keep entire and potentially stand at stud, please note that he will only be eligible to be represented by IDSHS from the age of 3.

You may still proceed with the foal identification process, which includes DNA testing, filling out the ID form, and microchipping.


Photos of your horse are required and should include the following:

  • Side-on photos of the nearside and offside of the horse.
  • Head photos capturing all facial markings, including wide blazes if present.
  • A photo of the back of the horse.

If your horse has any additional prominent markings that require close-up photos, please email them separately.


Example Photos

If your colt is 3 or older, please have your vet fill in the Veterinary Examination Report and Include it with your colt’s registration submission. If he is under 3, please submit without it.

ISH Pedigree Registration Form

Please fill in the below submission form with your horse’s details, including uploading the photos you have taken of your horse and the ID form that the vet filled out.

Ensure that the ID Form is scanned and saved as a PDF file. Please make sure the scanned document is in landscape format.

If the dam of your horse is registered with a recognised breed society, please include a copy of her pedigree and/or registration papers. If she is unregistered, leave this section blank. Please note that this information will be reflected in your horse’s registration.

Include a copy of the Stallion Covering Certificate obtained from the stallion owner, OR a Vet Insemination Report if applicable.

If you have used a non-Irish Stallion or an Irish Stallion not currently standing with the Society, please provide the relevant documentation.

Include the Vet Examination Report if applicable.

We appreciate your attention to detail in completing the registration process. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Once your registration submission is received and processed, the registrar will send you an email containing the electronic Pedigree Registration Certificate. A hard copy certificate will follow in the post.

ISH Colt or Stallion Pedigree Registration Form

ISH Colt / Stallion Pedigree Registration Form

Submit photos and filled in ID Form of your ISH Colt and finalise payment for ISH Colt / Stallion Pedigree Registration

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