STEP FOUR - Irish Draught Horse Studbook Application

IDSHS holds Studbook Inspections bi-annually, nationally.
​To submit an application, you will have had to have registered your interest to have your horse(s) inspected before the bi-annual cutoff date of 31 July. 

Please click on this link to register your interest.


​There are 3 important requirements as follows:

1. Age

The horse must be at least 3 years of age.

2. Pedigree Registration

All horses MUST be pedigree registered with DNA parentage verified and microchipped.

If you are interested in the tour and your horse is not yet registered, then please start the process immediately by ordering your DNA kit as soon as possible.

3. Breeding

The horse must be the progeny of:

  • Registered Irish Draught (RID) parents OR
  • A Registered Irish Draught stallion (RID) or mare, and a Thoroughbred stallion or mare of provable breeding (ASB registered, ASB verified, ASB passport etc.)


  • A Registered SID or AID mare (Irish Draught Studbook Approved) and a
  • Registered Irish Draught (RID) stallion

    A pedigree registered ISH mare (with approved breeding) and a Registered Irish Draught (RID) stallion

Fillies must have at least 1/2 (50% or greater) provable Registered Irish Draught blood

Colts will only be inspected if both parents are RIDs

If you are unsure, please get in contact with us to confirm

National Inspection STUDBOOK
Online Entry Form

All owners must be current financial members of the Society and horses must be pedigree registered / foal recorded prior to inspection and registration. Please organise your horse’s pedigree registration / foal recording prior to submitting below form.

Please complete the following details. If you have more than one horse to be inspected, please refresh this page, after you have finished the first horse, and complete all details separately for each horse thereafter.

Payment MUST accompany this entry form. If payment is not included you will not be included in the inspection and registration day(s).
No refunds after closing date without veterinary or medical certificate.

Studbook Inspection Form

Studbook Inspection Form

If your horse is eligble to be studbook insptected, and you would like to attend the upcoming studbook inspection in your state, please fill in this form.

If you do NOT know if your horse is eligble, please read the Operating Regulations found on the Member Page, or contact us to confirm.

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