Hi all,I may be crazy (or insane), but I am now taking expressions of interest for Victorian Inspections for Jan/Feb/March 2017

I am including members from NSW, ACT and SA as I do know (and already have) members from these states keen to attend the VIC Inspections. I know it can be a big drive, but well worth it, if there is a few coming down/over!
Date(s) and Venue(s) yet to be confirmed.

We have been considering Irish classes for the Werribee Summer Royal Breed Extravaganza in January. At first we were very keen to partake, however, looking more into this show, it seems that Werribee are only offering the venue (at a high cost) and we are to organise the classes, judges, prizes, entries etc. ourselves.
The committee has now decided instead of going ahead with the Breed Extravaganza, we would be much better to hold an Inspection/ Registration day in conjunction with our own show!
So, now we need a venue!

If everyone could please forward their ideas on where we can hold the Inspection/Registration day in conjunction with Irish classes - led and ridden, it would be very appreciated. (Don't forget, I am a Queenslander, so have no idea where any of the venues are in Victoria, so I am relying on you!)
I will be updating our Member's Only section of our website in the next few days and this is where we would like for you to put forward yours and your horses details. If you have more than one horse to register, please refresh the page and you will be able to do the next horse. etc.


If you need to organise pre-registration or DNA for your horse(s), PLEASE start organising this now!!! We do not want to get to the week of registration day(s) and still be chasing people for paperwork.
This is your first and only chase up to organise your pre-registrations. It's a benefit to you, not us, to get your horse(s) organised!

If you need to organise / renew your membership for 2016 / 2017 please email or message me asap. You will not be able to put your horse(s) details forward, if you are not a current member. Member's Only section is password protected.
I know I am about to be bombarded, so bare with me if you don't hear back from me right away, but I will get to you!

I am really hoping we can make this as smooth and stress free as the QLD inspections were. The new website is really proving to work!

Kind regards,

Ali Redman​​
Secretary IDSHS (Aust) Inc.
0432 530 003