STEP TWO - Horse Identification Form

To streamline the pedigree registration process, we have outlined the necessary steps. 

Please follow these instructions:

1. Wait for the DNA Kit:

Please wait until you receive the DNA kit before contacting your vet to schedule a visit for your horse.

You should expect to receive the DNA kit from the registrar within a week from ordering. If you have not received, please contact the registrar asap.

2. Print out the ID Form:

Please click on the below link and print the ID form for your Vet to fill out.


3. Vet Completion of Horse ID Form:

Your vet is responsible for completing the Horse ID Form. If your vet is unsure about how to fill in the form, kindly ask them to contact us for guidance.

It is mandatory for all horses to be microchipped at the time of ID form completion if it has not been done previously.

During the vet visit, they can fill in the ID form, collect the DNA sample using the kit ordered, and insert the microchip in a single visit.

4. DNA Kit Posted to Lab:

The DNA kit should be sent by your vet to Racing Australia Equine Genetics Research Centre using the provided reply paid envelope.

The DNA test results will be sent directly to the Society, not the horse owner. The time frame for this is 2-10 days. When the DNA results are received by the Society, the registrar will notify you of the results. If there are any problems with the DNA results, the Registrar will inform you of next steps.

5. Submitting the ID Form to IDSHS:

Please click on the button below to submit your horse’s completed ID form to IDSHS.


PLEASE DO NOT send the identification form directly to the lab in the reply paid envelope. It should be submitted to IDSHS ONLY.

If the Registrar requests an original copy of the ID form, Monika will be in contact with you to organise.